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Or hot season does not have the only cold meal?

Voices from the field: through the experience in the real ... Heat wave that want to eat the remains, still cold such as ice cream and noodles, is not only those handy? I hope that's occasionally, even the next day, also the body is cold the next day and continue the original, by which become weak and gastrointestinal function, causing a loss of appetite from the absorption of nutrition is poor it will be. Food culture of a foreign country be the same? You ahead of the cold ones in the tropics Such as India and the Middle East is a hot country where hot day is followed by more than the maximum temperature 0-0 degrees in the summer. Food culture also Is it the same people who live in the tropics? In fact, it is there are many people who are ahead of what is not well known cold. There are also cultural differences, such as preservation method, but not good if it is too cool the body. Only body temperature varies in degrees, is there also affect the metabolism and immunity. Also, it's in India and the Middle East meal is often those using spices (spices).

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